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Sewing Equipments

Our Crafty Journey

Morningside & Co. was founded in 2012 in Oakville, ON. Our first product was a selection of handmade greeting cards, and we've come a long way since. 
Beginning with modern hand embroidery, we soon found love for all things sewing. When we found a vintage Singer sewing machine, today's Morningside & Co. was born. We became enthralled with the world of quilting and specialty fabric, and just couldn't keep away. We are now certified Fabric Horders ©. 
We love trying new things, and are always down for a new adventure. Whether we're making face masks, quilts, pillow covers, or Christmas stockings - everything we make is made with love.

We also work with Trent River Wood Co. to provide a beautiful selection of charcuterie and cutting boards. Sharing our studio, they are handmade with the utmost care and attention to detail. Whether you're looking for a perfect kitchen accessory or an excellent gift, they're sure to add something special. 

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