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Technical Editing

We are pleased to now offer technical editing services to pattern designers!

You have likely seen me around the pattern testing scene. I have tested dozens of patterns, ranging from pillow covers to bed-sized quilts. With every pattern, I learned more about the dos and don'ts of pattern writing than I could ever have expected. By working with so many different designers, I had the opportunity to see what worked and what didn't. And I want to share that knowledge with you.

Plus, I work as an accountant...quilt math is my jam! I have received such positive feedback from my pattern designers, most of which mentioning my attention to detail, layout/design suggestions, and valuable quilt math feedback.


Do you want to know more? Keep reading below for more information on this service (and how to get in touch!).

What is Technical Editing?

Grammar & Understandability

All grammar is checked to ensure that no-one will ever say "...what does that mean!?"

Quilt Math

Math is not everyone's forte. No's mine! I will check all your math to make sure everything adds up.

Layout & Ease of Use

I have tested dozens of patterns, and know the most helpful pattern elements out there. This is what will set you apart.

How is this different from pattern testing?

Well, pattern testers are free. 

You know what they say - you get what you pay for. I know many amazing pattern testers, and 

pattern testing is a two-way street. The pattern tester receives the pattern for free, and utilizes their resources to create a quilt based on your pattern. Along the way, they supply feedback on the pattern and any mistakes they may find. In exchange, they receive promotion from the pattern designer to help build their brand. Both parties get excellent exposure, and get to show off some beautiful creations. Yay quilts!
That sounds pretty great, right? And it is! This is not a replacement for pattern testing.

When you hire a technical editor, you are hiring someone to go through your pattern with a fine-tooth comb. Every step is read, re-read, calculated, and pondered. Every calculation is checked. Every diagram is evaluated. Every fabric requirement is reconsidered. And, every line is proofed for proper grammar and understandability. 

Essentially, once you get your pattern back, you can feel confident that you can share it with the world. Releasing a pattern is stressful enough, and peace of mind is priceless.

Want to know more?

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